Welder made from microwave parts


The guy who made the astonishing DIY clone of an Ariel Atom also made this homebrew welder from 3 old microwaves. It blew his circuit breakers, but imagine building these in low-cost shops in the developing world!

1 thought on “Welder made from microwave parts”

  1. I am not a technical person and does not like to be talked to in technical terms.

    I want to build one of these welder from two microwave transformers. I know how to remove the original winding of wire from the transfor and how to replace it with 10 gage wire. What i need is simple instruction on how to wire the two transformer together.

    I also need simple instruction on how to connect the wire that will be plugged into my wall outlet and so on.

    My email is Blackboston4u@yahoo.com

    I would love to see detailed pictures and / or drawing.

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