The Jurassic Park kitchen scene: a history

The famous kitchen scene from Jurassic Park has gotten some recent attention due to a nice remix involving (presumably genetically engineered) giant kittens, prompting my inner Ian Malcolm to intone “You bred… kittens?”

The original scene is here:

However, most people aren’t aware of an earlier version which actually predates the release of Jurassic Park itself. (gasp) This silent version was prepared as an exercise during pre-production, and was made using stop motion (or “go motion”… a longer story (Edit: apparently these clips did not use go-motion, my bad)) by Phil Tippett’s Tippett Studio (which also did effects for Willow, including a mechanical galloping wild boar).

It is breathtaking — hopefully not just for JP geeks scholars like myself:

Some notes. The go-motion version shows the raptors “licking” a lot with long flickering tongues — a great touch. But, purportedly, Jack Horner, the consulting paleontologist for the movie, objected on the grounds that this was not only speculative, but drew on reptilian behaviors, when of course dinosaurs are more closely related to birds (scene 5). So in the movie version, the raptors sort of sniff and flare their nostrils — very well executed on the part of the puppeteers. One other thing added in the final version was the condensation from the raptors’ breath on the kitchen window. Rad.


Finally, someone went and added audio back in, though I think the silent version is almost creepier!

Addendum: Oh! I almost forgot. They also did the T-rex attack scene! Here it is too:

Edit: Sorry, I couldn’t substantiate the Willow galloping boar being a Tippett Studios creation. Somehow I think Stan Winston Studios was involved… I have to consult my Making of Jurassic Park book.