Ode to my just-stolen bike


I got my bike a year and a half ago for my birthday, and it had an immediate effect on my life. It’s an All City single-speed known as the Nature Boy, and it’s purple. I already biked every day to get around town, but I suddenly found myself passionate about bicycling. I took long rides across Boston, and missed my bike when I was out of town. I was rarely far from it, and it lived in my bedroom by the window. (Above photo by Josh Levinger)

In the winter, I rode my old bike on really bad weather days, but if salt got on my new bike, I’d give it a hot shower and wipe it dry. I bought matching purple nail polish to touch up the small dings you get parking around town, which my friends made fun of me for.


Yesterday at around 5pm, someone tore a city sign out of the concrete and took it, on Utica & Beach St between South Station and Chinatown. I hope they really needed it. Here’s the sign:


I filed a police report, but who knows if I’ll see it again. I miss you, Nature Boy! If you see my bike, please take a picture and send it to me.