In Somerville, you can email and switch to 100% renewable electricity right now

Everyone in Somerville got a notice, posted also at, that noted an automatic enrollment in 5% renewable energy, at a 1.3% increase in cost (which for my household of 4, means $10 per year).

But I also noticed there’s an option for 100% renewable — and it’s only 27% more than current rates. Really, that’s not a lot. My household of 4 (plus dog and cat) would pay only:

$16.88 more per month, or $202.53 more per year

Split three ways as we do, that’s only $5.63 each per month for me. Here’s the full chart:

To enroll in 100% renewable electric energy, you can email and ask:

I’d like to enroll in the 100% renewable option described in the notice described at — my address is ___________

I did this and they wrote back confirming in an hour. I’m not saying we shouldn’t reduce energy usage, but any light left on overnight, any charger left plugged in for the day, any air conditioner or space heater, or any other electric use, can come from 100% renewable energy.

I wish fighting climate change were always this easy! Please do it and tell your friends and family!

Thank you!