I printed a PXLSHP book of famous artworks

Using PXLSHP.com, I’ve been doing a series of famous artworks as 16×16 pixel icons, as I’ve mentioned before. A few others have joined in my pursuit. I’m happy to say I just printed my favorite 7 in a very small zine, measuring just ~1.5×1.5 inches. You can download, print, and assemble your own copy from … Continue reading “I printed a PXLSHP book of famous artworks”

PXLSHP famous artworks in 256 pixels

Of particular interest in PXLSHP is a series of famous paintings which i’ve been rendering in 16×16. See if you can pick out: mona lisa (duh) goya’s saturn an american gothic warhol’s monroe portrait (just one of them, not enuf pixels) whistler’s mother starry night vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring another nameless stereotypical vermeer … Continue reading “PXLSHP famous artworks in 256 pixels”

PXLSHP: minimal mobile multitouch icon editing

I went on a week vacation recently, and while out of range of the internet on a remote island in Maine, I wrote a simple mobile-phone icon editor. It’s minimal: 16×16, black and white, works with touch events but it’s just a website: http://pxlshp.com I’d like to improve it but want to see some battle-testing … Continue reading “PXLSHP: minimal mobile multitouch icon editing”