Pxlqst v0.0.5 – map editor

Screenshot 2015-12-27 at 11.38.22 AM

I released a new version of Pxlqst, my 16×16 dungeon adventure game (pictured above), and report in the release notes that:

  • doors can now lead to new rooms
  • new format for storing room “maps” as collections of strings
  • updated README instructions for world generation and map editing
  • Known bug: cake no longer nutritious :-(
  • fewer dependencies
  • rooms can be “slept” and “woken”

This is still not quite playable, but things are coming together enough that, once I get combat and inventory running, I think it’ll be possible to build a simple quest. I have been thinking about the separation between Pxlqst, the game, and Pxlngn, the game engine, upon which I expect pixel art enthusiasts will create many a 16×16 adventure game.

See the map format here:

Screenshot 2015-12-27 at 8.10.12 AM

PXLSHP famous artworks in 256 pixels

Pxlshp grows

Of particular interest in PXLSHP is a series of famous paintings which i’ve been rendering in 16×16. See if you can pick out:

mona lisa (duh)
goya’s saturn
an american gothic
warhol’s monroe portrait (just one of them, not enuf pixels)
whistler’s mother
starry night
vermeer’s girl with a pearl earring
another nameless stereotypical vermeer
magritte’s son of man
dali’s the persistence of memory

and someone else did munch’s the scream…

PXLSHP: minimal mobile multitouch icon editing

I went on a week vacation recently, and while out of range of the internet on a remote island in Maine, I wrote a simple mobile-phone icon editor.

It’s minimal: 16×16, black and white, works with touch events but it’s just a website:


I’d like to improve it but want to see some battle-testing first. Would you all give it a go? Post icons you’ve made here!

It’s free software: http://github.com/jywarren/pxlshp

Now you know how i spend vacations. I went swimming too.