Announcing Cartagen 0.5

Today we’d like to announce the 0.5 release of the dynamic mapping framework Cartagen. In this release, we’ve taken a shot at rendering any location on the planet (drawing, of course, on data from OpenStreetMap), and at rendering a much greater density of map features with richer styles. The has come a long way, and we hope it makes designing your own map easier while allowing even greater possibilities for unique and compelling designs.

Download Cartagen 0.5

This is the first release we consider to be useable by the general public; as such we are releasing a video to demonstrate how to download Cartagen, get a data set, and write your own GSS stylesheet in just a few minutes:

More information and setup instructions are on Cartagen’s wiki, and our live demonstration site at has been updated.

Cartagen is still incomplete: it needs more optimization for slower browsers and devices like the iPhone and Android phones, it can make better use of HTML5 features such as Web Workers for multi-threaded JavaScript for a more responsive UI, and we hope to continue our early efforts to combine it usefully with OpenLayers and other mapping platforms.

Special thanks to Ben Weissmann who’s joined the Cartagen team and has been instrumental in bringing it this far.

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