Jeffrey Yoo Warren


March 2021

Many many code projects as code community lead at from 2010-present:

Apart from that work are a variety of other projects:

Bookletize.js - March 2021 - 📖 a web-based booklet maker/repaginator; drag and drop any PDF and it lays it out in 4,1,2,3 or 8,1,2,7/6,3,4,5 format, etc.

riso@home - Dec 2020 - Web-based tools for printing separated colors w/ halftone on a home laser printer

microkaleidoscope - Aug 2020 - 🔬🔮 A video kaleidoscope made in p5js for use with 🔬 - PROTEST KORPE is inspired by quraq körpe, a type of Kazakh quilt. Like a quraq körpe, civic activism and protection of our rights depend on the voices and contributions of each of us. In this work, each square on our “collective quilt” is important to sew a new Kazakh reality. (collab with Aisha Jandosova, Kuat Abeshev, Jeffrey Yoo Warren, Irina Mednikova)

micro-joystick - May 2020 - 🕹️🔬 joysticks for microscopes

fisheyegl - Apr 2014 - A JavaScript library for correcting fisheye, or barrel distortion, in images in the browser with WebG

vectorcam - 2015 - A browser-based image vectorizer - upload images and get SVGs.