Jeffrey Yoo Warren


I’ve done illustration as a part of my practice for my whole career, but in recent years I’ve been asked to do illustration work with and for others as well.

The above drawing was made in collaboration with Caroline Woolard in 2016 just after the US elections, and represents a range of works, ideas, and aspirations reflected in her work. It is entitled Solidarity Economy and was exhibited at the Queens Museum in New York and Art Center Nabi in Seoul, Korea.

Public Lab

In my time at Public Lab, I produced many of the drawings and illustrations featured on Public Lab gear, such as totes, stickers, t-shirts, and mugs.

a blue sticker depicting a building and water coming out of a pipe into a river, canoers, and a balloon overhead with the words PUBLIC LAB

a tote bag bearing the same drawing as the sticker above but in red

The Open Hardware Association, of which I am a board member, invited me to develop an illustration for the Open Hardware Certification program, and the following was unveiled at the Open Hardware Summit in 2019.

a line drawing of a toaster, exploded so that each part is shown and numbered as in a patent drawing, including toast and butter

The Design Studio for Social Intervention asked me to contribute the following drawing for one of their Social Emergency Response Center events in 2019.

small figures in red ink stand among police cars and barriers upon a platform, while others below march in protest or run in fear, surrounded with words like PANIC and ISLAMOPHOBIA

Images CC-BY-SA Jeffrey Yoo Warren (some with Public Lab)

Jeffrey Yoo Warren is an artist, community scientist, illustrator, and researcher in Providence, Rhode Island.