Jeffrey Yoo Warren

Instruments for multiple worlds

In early 2020, I’ve begun a collection of projects which prototype culturally situated knowledge production in a world where dominant culture collapses all meanings into one lineage (see Anti-Assimilation, esp. Sadie Prego).

a translucent purple-ish square with two sewing pins sticking out, each wrapped in copper wire, which go out the bottom of the frame

Each instrument explores ways of listening, knowing, and “tuning into” that build on non-eurocentric, non-masculine histories, and so may not speak to all audiences. These are not scientific instruments, but they do help people produce knowledge.

Exploring or examining - those are scientific or even colonial terms. Categorizing, analyzing, “learning the science behind” something.

two photos of a partially peeled thousand-year egg in soft focus, lit from the side with pink light, with faint crystals shown on its surface

Instead these instruments invite intimacy with hidden landscapes, or shared secrets hiding in plain sight – like a fourth color, or an untranslatable word.


As these projects progress, I’ll continue posting here with more about each instrument:

  • Porcelain spectrometer - the first in the collection, this exploration of a possible past imagines an artifact of an alternative origin story, a spectrometer in the tradition of Joseon period Korean inkwells.
  • Sky lanterns - coming soon
  • Hot Water Fishing - coming soon
  • 1000周 / 1000hz egg - coming soon

a poreclain box on four short legs, with blue checkered pattern and a porcelain cone on top

Images CC-BY-SA Jeffrey Yoo Warren

Jeffrey Yoo Warren is an artist, community scientist, illustrator, and researcher in Providence, Rhode Island.